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  • The Client to kindly provide photos and m2 of area to be removed in the development of the Asbestos Plan. Should this not be possible, an additional trip will be required and this amount will be at an additional cost to the client.

  • The Quotation Acceptance Form (Annexure A) must be completed and returned before the Asbestos Plan can be drawn up and submitted.

  • Asbestos Removal Plans need to be submitted to the relevant Department of Labour
    Regional Office. Safetech Port Elizabeth can only submit plans for work carried out in the Port Elizabeth area. Clients not based in the Port Elizabeth will therefore be required to submit their own plans, together with the Notification, to their DOL office.

  • The cost of the monitoring may vary, as the number of samples to be taken depends on the project progress, which is difficult to anticipate due to the unique site conditions encountered with each project.

  • Work carried out on week-ends or public holidays will be charged at overtime rates.

  • Information obtained from clients and through inspections is treated with a high level of confidentiality.

  • Reports will only be submitted electronically to clients, specifically to the contact person (liaison person) as indicated on the quote acceptance form.

  • The reports may however be made available to the following bodies on their request:

    • Department of Labour

    • Certification Bodies

    • Accreditation Bodies

  • The consultant must be accompanied by a person knowing the plant / areas / activities.

  • Health and safety of consultant – should consultant deem area unsafe for H&S, the work will not be carried out in that area.  This will be reported to the client.

  • Should weather conditions interfere with measurements, the client will be informed prior to commencement.

  • If special requirements are needed by consultants for site visits, e.g. induction, PPE, medicals, etc., please mention this on the acceptance of quotation form.

  • Invoices are payable within thirty (30) days of presentation.

  • In the event of unavoidable work stoppage, break downs, etc. which may necessitate additional survey time, extra costs will be negotiated.  

  • All quotations are valid for three (3) months from date of issue. 

  • Safetech will only be bound to provide the service as soon as the client has returned the completed document reflected in Annexure A of our quote and supplied an official order number.

  • A description of the handling process for complaints and appeals are available to any interested party on request.

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