Safetech is an established company, having operated as a consultancy to industry since 1992. We have offices in the North, servicing Gauteng and surrounding areas, and a Southern office, servicing the Cape and coastal regions. 


 Safetech is a provider of Occupational Environment, Health and Safety Solutions in South Africa. The need for general Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) consulting has grown in the last number of years. As a result we now assist clients in attaining ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification through system implementation or monitoring and measurement, as well as assisting in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other relevant EHS legislation. 



 Building long-term Relationships with clients that improve safety within the workplace and environment. 

Integrity that ensures that all relationships with our clients and their employees are conducted in an honest manner. 

Accurate and Reliable Testing that includes measuring stressors and reporting the results that are meaningful to our clients, in order to improve the work and general environment. 



 To achieve international recognition as a reputable supplier of consulting services in the area of Occupational, Environmental, Health and Safety issues. 



 Safetech has full accreditation as a training provider with the Health and Welfare SETA (HW592A1000508). 

We are registered with the South African Department of Labour as an Approved Inspection Authority

(AIA Number OH0049-CI-09). 

We are also approved by the Department of Mineral Resources to do Surface Hygiene Surveys 


Safetech’s staff are members of the: 

  • Southern African Institute of Occupational Hygienists (SAIOH) 

  • British Occupational Hygiene Society 

  • Institute of Safety Management 

  • Mine Ventilation Society 

  • National Clean Air Association